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3 Free Trade Show Resources to Boost Booth Traffic

Trade shows are all about connections—a chance to meet potential customers, showcase products, and promote your brand. However, simply setting up a booth and displaying your products won't guarantee success. It takes careful planning and strategic effort to make the most out of your trade show experience. Luckily, trade show organizers provide a wealth of resources to help boost your impact. In this article, we'll discuss three tools that you can use to drive more traffic to your booth and make the most out of your trade show experience.

1. Pitch the Press

Press lists are a powerful tool for attracting media attention and generating buzz at trade shows. The event organizer typically offers a list of journals that signed up for press passes, providing a direct line to the media covering your industry.

Start by researching the journalists and narrow your focus to those who cover your industry to ensure you’re reaching out to the most relevant contacts likely to write about your company. Timing is everything, so don’t forget to check publication deadlines.

Prepare press releases, a company backgrounder, and a virtual press kit, providing comprehensive information about your company, your products, and what makes them newsworthy. Craft your pitch, customize it to suit each journalist’s beat, and invite them to visit your booth to learn more.

Follow up after the show with a summary of what you discussed and finish with a strong hook to encourage your inclusion in their post-show coverage. A strategic approach with the press can boost your trade show exposure and create valuable long-term media connections.

2. Mine the Networking App

The exhibitor list and the event networking app are ripe for prospecting, and when you carefully target your list, attendees can be very responsive and eager to meet. Filter the list by company, job title, and geographic region to build a high-potential list, then reach out with a personalized email to pitch your company and request a meeting. If you don’t hear back right away, don’t get discouraged. Check back a couple of times to increase your chances of securing a meeting.

3. Use Social Media Hashtags

Create a series of social media posts to use both leading up to and during the event, incorporating the event-specific hashtags designated by the show organizer to extend your reach and increase exposure. Follow the hashtags to keep tabs on other posters using them, and contribute to ongoing conversations to help you build buzz and drive traffic.

Elevate Your Event Experience

Effective planning and strategic use of valuable resources provided by show organizers can make a significant difference in the quality and volume of your trade show leads. By incorporating these tools into your planning process, you’ll be on your way to a successful trade show experience.

Need a Hand?

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Cara Mormino

Cara Mormino

Event Management and Co-Founder

Cara Mormino is a seasoned advertising and marketing professional specializing in trade shows. As the Head of Sales, Marketing & Client Service at Artisan Exhibits, she takes pride in providing innovative ideas and top-notch service to help exhibitors across the globe plan, organize, and execute extraordinary events.